Sunday, June 23, 2013
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CHRIST’S MESSAGE TO THYATIRA                             Rev. 2:18-29                                        FBC-PC 6-23-13 AM 


CITY – 40 miles SE of Pergamos – rich agricultural area.  It was famous for Purple dye and purple cloth cf. Acts 16:14-15… Lydia’s hometown.  No one knows how the gospel came to Thyatira unless through Lydia.


CHRIST IS SEEN – as the Son of God – Fiery Judge vs. 18 cf. Rev. 1:14,15 (Son of Man).  They had deviated from true worship.


CHURCH HISTORY PICTURED – Middle ages 600-1500 AD Sacrificed continually in their services.  Mariology, Mass, and transubstantiation took hold during this time


CONTRASTS – Ephesus: Orthodoxy;  Smyrna: Suffering; Pergamos: Compromise; Thyatira: Corruption;  Sardis: Deadness; Philadelphia: Faithfulness; Laodicea: Lukewarmness


COMMENDATION – vs. 19 – Works, Christlike Love, Faith,  Service  Individuals where characterized by true love for God inspite of the corruption around them.


CONDEMNATION – vs. 20-23  Indictment for spiritual wickedness

That woman Jezebel,  - pseudo-prophetess – urged Christians to continue in immorality and continue in pagan worship, Idolatry, unholy eating. 

          Jezebels history –I Kings 16:33; 19:2; 21:1-16; II Kings 9:33-35 

          Jezebels Punishment- a bed of affliction vs. couch of luxury and sin

                Her children killed;

          Warning – Omniscient God sees all and tries the innermost being.

                “depth of Satan” – occult, Satanism, witch craft, New Age,  music, drugs, alcohol, pornography, addictions

          Reiterate the finished work of Jesus Christ Eph. 1,2; I Cor. 6:9-11


EXHORTATION TO GODLY REMNANT – as many as have not this corrupt practice.  – vs. 24-25 Hold fast to the deep things of God I Cor. 2:10


BE OVERCOMERS – vs. 26-29 Invitation and Promise – Rule and Shepherd for God


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