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THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST            Part 1                                         FBC-PC 4-28-13AM                                               

Revelation      Chapter 1      When we open the Book of Revelation we discover, at once, a marked difference between it and any other portion of the New Testament. It is not history like the gospels and Acts, nor practical discussions and instructions like the epistles, but we at once seem to breathe the atmosphere of prophets like Ezekiel and Daniel. As Ezekiel and Daniel were permitted to behold visions which revealed certain great events of the future, in a series of symbolic images, so there passes before the eyes of John a series of wonderful visions of which he makes record, and has left that record to the church for interpretation. The book is a book of prophecy – Peoples New Testament Commentary

Introduction and Benediction  1:1-3     

       Purpose stated v. 1

                To Reveal things (events) to come v.1

                     1. Events of Church Age Rev. 1-3

                     2. Events in Heaven Rev. 4,5

                     3. Events of the future Tribulation of Daniel’s 70th week Rev. 6-19

                     4. Events of the Millennial Kingdom Rev. 20

                     5. Events of the New Heavens and Earth Rev. 21,22

                To Signify (point out)

       Personalities enumerated v. 1

                Jesus Christ cf. v. 5

                Angel messenger – one of many in the Book

                John the apostle recipient and deliverer              

        Prescriber v. 2 John the apostle – writer of Gospel & 3 Epistles

                Promised blessing for reading and hearing v.3

                14:13; 16:15; 19:9; 20:6; 22:7,14


Greeting the Seven Churches 1:4-8

       Sevenfold Salutation vs. 4-6

       Threefold Exaltation of Christ v. 5

       Chief Theme of Revelation v.7

       Eternity of Jesus Christ v. 8


Vision of the Son of Man 1:9-18

        The Risen Ascended Messiah Savior Revealed in Heavenly splendor


Command to Write and Send 1:19-20

        Outline of Book v. 19

        Symbols Interpreted v.20 – Introduces Chapters 2 &3

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