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CHRIST'S MESSAGE TO PERGAMOS                 FBC-PC 6-16-13AM                     Revelation 2:12-17



The Seven Churches were 7 literal churches in western Turkey (Asia) receiving literal Messages aimed at their very real needs in AD 95.

-The seven messages also have several applications for the study of God’s Word in all generations.

-They picture the unfolding of Church History from AD 95-2013+.

-They show the possible condition of every church in the age of Grace.

-The seven churches were divinely picked from over 500 cities and community churches at that time to demonstrate the message God wanted to communicate to all churches throughout church history.


Pergamos or Pergamum = “Marriage”.  It pictures a church period when the church became married to the world and the political ruler of the Roman Empire.  This church period (313-590 A.D.) was the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church, started by Emperor Constantine. 

Pergamos was the city that God calls the seat of Satan.  It was the city of learning (famous Library, 200,000 books(scrolls)) were said to be there.

Pergamos was the administrative center of Asia and the center of Caesar worship for the whole province. People in the city were required to worship Caesar or die. Additionally, the city contained the Great Altar of Pergamon, which displayed the likeness of Jupiter (Greek, Zeus the king of the Greek gods) and a battle between giants and Olympian gods. This giant pagan altar was likely what was being referred to when God told the church he knew they lived "where Satan's throne is." The city was full of pagan temples and Satan revelled openly. (Revelation 2:13)


Description of Christ vs. 12: Revealed as holding the sharp two edged sword –The Authoritative Word of God. John 5:22.27; Heb. 4:12


Diagnosis vs. 13-15:  Commendation and complaint 

           They demonstrated loyalty to Christ, doctrine, and Christian practice.  But they tolerated evil deeds  and teachings. 

                  Note: “Satan’s throne”= his  usurped world power, surrendered by Adam and Eve in the garden. II Cor. 4:4; John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11; Eph. 2:2

                        In the Smyrna church Satan tried to destroy it through persecution.  

                        In the Pergamos church Satan tried to destroy it through union with false gods and worldly  influence. 

                                 Emperor Constantine “bought” the  “conversion” of thousands into the church.  These pagans brought their paganism into and married them to Christianity.   

            They allowed immorality to be practice in the flock vs. 14

            They tolerated the teaching of the Nicolaitans vs. 15 which  God and the Ephesians hated vs. 6


Directives: Exhortation and warning vs. 16

            “Hold fast my Name” – Belief in the Deity of Jesus Christ.  

                         Martyrdom is better than compromise.

            Repent!  Turn from your sins.  Seek forgiveness.  Believe right, and then do right.  Return to the truth taught
            by the apostles and Paul, Apollos and John.


Digest The Word: Promises vs. 17

            Command to hear what God says to the Churches v.17a

            Command to eat v.17b

                    “Manna” = “What is it?” Real angel food.  For 12,500 mornings God had rained down “bread” from 

                      Hidden Manna Type of Christ John 6:32-35; and is found in  the reading and study of God’s holy Word.

                      Promise of special stone and name v.17c



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