Sixth Seal Opened

WHEN HE HAD OPENED THE SIXTH SEAL                         Revelation 6                                 FB-PC 9-29-13 AM




  I.  SEAL ONE – The White Horse and rider vs. 1,2; Matt. 24:4-5; Mark 13:5-27   Imperialism -Deception


  II. SEAL TWO – The Red (bay) horseman – vs. 3,4   War-Destruction


  III. SEAL THREE – The Black Horse and its rider – vs.5,6   Famine-Dearth


  IV. SEAL FOUR – The Palomino Horse and its rider – vs. 7,8   Death


      MARTYRDOM SEAL Rev.  vs  6:9-11

  V. SEAL FIVE – Martyrdom of Tribulation saints – vs.9-11; 7:1-17  

        Avoid all this terror.  Trust Jesus Christ today as your personal Lord and Savior.  John 3:16; Romans 10:9,10


COSMIC SEAL Rev. 6:12-17

  VI. SEAL JUDGMENT SIX – vs. 12-17  COSMIC SIGN  Matt. 24:7 This is one of the signs Jesus gave to indicate the Kingdom
                  was nigh, even at the door.  Matt. 24:29-33; mark

·        First Four Signs seem to be man lead and caused; these only God can control

            1. Sun and Moon are now affected – only God v.12 Sun Eclipsed,  Moon appears red Isa 24:1-6, 19-23 Sign the
                 kingdom is near – Literal  Joel 2:30,31  Interpretation – not Symbolic 

2.  Stars v.13 – meteorites, shooting stars, space junk reentering the atmosphere – God will bring it down.

3.  Breaking up of the orderly laws of nature both in the sky and on earth. V.14

4.  Men driven to find hiding places v.15

5.  Recognizing God is against them v.16 Idolatry, pray to the rocks – “hope to get from earth
     what only heaven can provide”

            6.  God’s wrath is come. V.17 This is about the middle of the Tribulation period of years.


CONVERSION SEAL- 8:1-5 Out of the 7th seal comes the 7 Trumpets


Make sure you will not be left behind to suffer through this time.



















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