Sunday, September 15 and 22, 2013
Sermon Notes

SEPTEMBER 15, 2013


THE ANXIOUS REDEEMED                            Revelation 6:9-17; 7:1-17                                         FBC-PC 9-15-13 AM

Quickly Review Four Horse Seals 6:1-8

Before The horses come 7:1-8 The Saving and Sealing of 144,000,
Jewish male virgins. Rev. 14:1-5; Matt. 24:14

V. SEAL JUDGMENT FIVE – vs. 9-11 Martyred SOULS CRY OUT Matt. 24:9-13

A. Terrors of the Tribulation will bring about the death of many new believers v.9. cf. 7:9-17 collective statement of all the Tribulation martyrs.

B. Many will be put to death for refusing to renounce their new faith in Christ Jesus.

C. They went immediately to heaven. II Cor. 5:6-8;
Phil. 1:23;

D. They are fully aware of their surroundings v.10.

E. They beg the Master to requite the wrongs v.10.

F. They are Jealous for God’s honor.

G. They are robed in white v.11; II Cor. 5:1-5

H. They desire God to exercise His authority in judging their slayers



SEPTEMBER 22, 2013

VI. SEAL JUDGMENT SIX – vs. 12-17 COSMIC SIGN Matt. 24:7 This is one of the signs Jesus gave to indicate the Kingdom was nigh, even at the door. Matt. 24:29-33; Mark

                                       First Four Signs seem to be man lead and caused

Sun and Moon are now affected - only God v.12 Sun Eclipsed,
Moon appears red Isa 24:1-6, 19-23
Sign the kingdom is near – Joel 2:30,31 Literal
Interpretation,not Symbolic

Stars v.13 – meteorites, shooting stars, space junk reentering the atmosphere – God will bring it down.

Breaking up of the orderly laws of nature both in the sky and on earth. V.14

Men driven to find hiding places v.15

Recognizing God is against them v.16 Idolatry, pray to the rocks – "hope to get from earth what only heaven can provide"

God’s wrath is come. V.17 This is about the middle of the Tribulation period of years.

Make sure you will not be left behind to suffer through this time.


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