Sunday, August 25, 2013
Sermon Notes

THE LAMB OPENS THE SEALS                                                                                                  FBPC 8-25-13 AM
THE 4 HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE                                                                          REV.6, MATT. 24; DAN 9:24-27


Review Chaps. 4,5 the Throne of God and the seven sealed Scroll.

                THE SONG 5:8-10

                THE WORSHIP 5:11-14


* The Tribulation period is a 7 year week completing the 70 week of prophetic history the God gave to Daniel.  Dan. 9:24-27


* The Tribulation belongs as the 70th week to the Old Testament Dispensation.  While it will greatly effect all who live upon the earth its 2 main purposes are to serve a righteous remnant of Jews to enjoy all the blessings and promises of the glorious Kingdom of Christ’s Rule on David’s throne for one thousand years.  The second is to bring the wickedness of the nations of the world to judgment.  In the process millions of people will be saved Rev. 7:9-17.


* The Tribulation begins after the removal of the Bride of Christ the church and the signing of a covenant with Israel and the European Dictator called the Beast out of the Sea.  Dan. 9:27 & Rev. 13:1-10.


*This will usher in the seven year Tribulation Period and the 7 Seal Judgments which will become 3 sets of terrible judgments on the earth.


* Revelation 6 is paralleled by Matt.  24:4-14 and also deals with the first 3 ½ years of the tribulation Period or the beginning of sorrows (birth pangs) Rev. 12:2


* The Seven year Tribulation is a transitional period between the Church Age (age of Grace) and the Kingdom age.


* The church is a parenthesis in God’s dealing with the Nation of Israel, (His chosen people, wife of Jehovah) Jer. 3:1,20;  Because Israel had played the harlot and wandered after other gods.


* When we come to Rev. 6 the clock of seven years has begun as the rapture took place Rev. 4:1.


* The LAMB has been found worthy to open the seals on the scroll in the hand of God the Father  - The Last will and testament of God for the people of the earth.


* As He opens the seals, one by one in Heaven, judgments and supernatural activities happen on earth.

“Come and See”


I.  SEAL ONE – The White Horse and rider vs. 1,2

                The calm before the storm a time of false peace – bow but no arrows – he comes as a man of peace but soon has control of much of the world. Beast out of the Sea Rev. 13:1-10; Roman Prince (European Dictator) Dan. 9:26; man of sin II Thess. 2:3-4;9-10; Little Horn Dan. 7:8,20;8:9-12; Willful King Dan. 11:36-45.  The White Horse is not Christ who arrives in Rev. 19:11-14. “Conquering and to conquer”  A systematic taking over rule of country after country. North (Syria); South (Egypt); East (Iraq, Iran), the areas of greatest conflict in 2013.


II. SEAL TWO – The Red (bay) horseman – vs. 3,4

“Come and see”-  invitation to view and prepare to record.  It also signals the signal for the next judgment to begin – Red, war, peace now taken from the earth.  War is the inevitable result of dictatorship. This where Dan. 11:36-45 and Ezekiel 38,39 come into the picture.


III. SEAL THREE – The Black Horse and its rider – vs.5,6

FAMINE – scarcities, high costs. A bite of food will cost a day’s wage.


IV. SEAL FOUR – The Palomino Horse and its rider –Death vs. 7,8

DEATH (condition) and Hades (grave) called to come.  By means of seals 2,3,4  1/4th of earth’s population will die during the first half of the Tribulation.


Avoid all this terror.  Trust Jesus Christ today as your personal Lord and Savior.  John 3:16; Romans 10:9,10




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