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Sermon Notes


THE SCENE AT THE THRONE                Revelation Chapters 4 & 5                FBC-PC 7-1-90; 8-11-13 AM



“Heavens being opened”
A Vision of God Ezek. 1:1; 
. At the Baptism of Christ Matt. 3:16; 
. At the death of the first NT Martyr Acts 7:56; 
. At the Conversion of the first gentile Acts 10:10,11
5.  At the rapture representation Rev. 4:1; 
. At the Second Advent of Christ Rev. 19:11; 
. And a Word about a millennial Condition John 1:51

THE ENTHRONED GOD Rev. 4:2, 3  Control Center of the Universe

                The throne was set – eternal, fixed v.2

                The throne was occupied v.2

                The throne was occupied by God v.3 note His character. 

                     Jasper=diamond Rev. 21:11(Glory); sardine (sardius
                              stone=ruby redemption);                           
                              emerald=green (life and grace)

THE ENTHRONED ELDERS Rev. 4:4, 5 Thrones=seats

                Elders represent the church (and may be the 12 Tribes of Israel) 5:8, 9

                                They are seated=rest

                                They are clothed-resurrected

                                They are crowned-rewarded Rev.22:12


                The Sea of Glass – speaks of clear, pure, holiness

                The Living Creatures Ezekiel 1:5-13

                       Zo on  dzo'-on   Neuter of a derivative of G2198; a live thing, that is, an animal: - beast.  

                                1.   Seraphim (6 wings) Isa 6:1-3; Cherubim (4 wings) Ezek. I:5-10; 10:14-15

                                2.  They picture the four Gospels:

                                                Matt.-Lion=King, Sovereign

                                                Mark-Ox=labor, servant                                                    

                                                Luke- Man=perfect man, Son of man

                                                John-eagle=heavenly one, Divine one, Son of Gods 

                                3.  Four departments of animated nature are represented.

                                                Wild, domesticated, human and fowl

                                                The Adoration of God 8b-11

                                4.  Four elements in this worship:

                                                (1) They fall down;

                                                (2) They adore;

                                                (3) They cast their crowns before the throne (an act of homage which
                                                       gives Him who sits there all the glory of their crowns)

                                                (4) they offer ascriptions of praise.

THE WORSHIP OF GOD 4: 9-11. “For thou hast created all things “-

Creation is the ground of all the works of God: therefore, for this, as well as for His other works, He will be praised to all eternity.   Worship now!


THE WORTHY LAMB            Revelation 5                                FBC-PC 7/15/90;   8-11-13 AM


THE BOOK 5:1-4 - “Scroll” – Title Deed to the earth.  Belongs to God by   Creation and Redemption.   Sealed book
                              (scroll) in God’s hand.
 Open Scroll for all to see –Rev. 6-21.  

                              Because of man’s sin the inheritance (Gen. 1:26-31) has been forfeited to Satan the god of
                              this world (Eph.2:2; II Cor. 4:4) – now to be redeemed and returned to God its rightful owner.

                               strong” –mighty angel – cf. 10:1 and 18:21


THE LAMB – 5:5-7 – Lion of the tribe of Judah Gen. 49:9-10

                As a Lion – he is Judge/Sovereign ; He is Root of David Isa. 11:1

                As Lamb – He is submissive; He is sacrificial I Peter 1:18,19

                He is the Second person of God – 7 eyes; 7 Spirits of God Isa. 11:2; Zech. 4:2,10

                He is the Great High Priest – making intercession for us

                He is Worthy to Receive the scroll from God the Father and take the Dominion cf. Dan. 7:13-14                   


THE SONG – 5:8-10 – Obeisance and Worship of the Lamb v.8 “down”

                Trumpet and Harp (lyre) are the only instruments mentioned in heaven.

                Song of the Redeemed  Elders – The church is a priesthood, a Royal Family Angels can’t sing this song as
                they were never redeemed.

                Prayer of the saints of all ages about to be answered

                Reign of Christ and saints promised 3:21; and here in praise Cf. Matt. 25:31


THE WORSHIP – 5:11-14

                Worship of the Angels v.11-12

                Worship of all creation v.13-14

                                You will bow willingly as a Redeemed Saints


                                You will bow as a condemned sinner  Phil. 2:9-12

Worship now!

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