Sunday, July 7, 2013
Sermon Notes

CHRIST’S MESSAGE TO PHILADELPHIA                             Rev. 3:7-13                             FBCPC-   7-7-13 AM


CITY3:7a – “Philadelphia” = brotherly love – named after founder Attalus Philadelphus, King of Pergamos (159-138 BC).  It was 25 miles south of Sardis.  It was called the” city of brotherly love” because of this king’s loyalty to his brother, Eumenes,  the king of Lydia.  The city was destroyed in 17 AD by an earthquake and then rebuilt by Tiberius.  It, like all of the seven cities was a center of idolatry, But also it is the Church of the Faithful Remnant.  It pictures true and faithful believes in all of church history.  It also depicts the period of church history escaping from the dead state churches of Protestantism and the new awakening, and the Missionary zeal of the last 3 centuries.

CHRIST 3:7b is seen as:

  1. The Holy One was Holy in life and true in doctrine, holy in character and true in action.  This picture is not mentioned in Chap. 1.
  2.  Administrative Authority – Key of David Isa. 9:7; 22:22; Matt. 16:19. (Peter is the pebble, Christ is the Rock Eph. 2:20)  Christ is the Key to the Word of God, and all the treasuries of God.   He is also Messiah (Christ), Son of David-Isa. 16:5; Jer. 23:5
  3. Door opener to evangelism and revival and all ministries


COMMENDATION –  3:8. There was no condemnation for Smyrna only their suffering but not because of wrong they did or for Philadelphia – They had revival, missions, church planting, worldwide evangelism.

“Out of the living death of Sardis flows two streams - Philadelphia - nothing to rebuke and Laodicea - nothing to praise.” – Donald Grey Barnhouse


CHARACTER –  3:9,10 = Faithfulness – “Since there is a return to the first things  in this assembly,  Satan  attacks by trying to injecting legalism; it is the Judaizing system in its opposition to the truth of grace.
This is not true Old Test. Theology.” – C.L. Feinberg  

They stood holy in the midst of the Judizers (dead Protestantism); stood strong in the strength of the Lord though they were very weak in the flesh. II Cor.12:10  They kept – persevered.  Therefore they would be kept from (not through) the hour of testing (Tribulation Period Rev. 6-19).  “Whole world” - permanent dwellers.   We are pilgrims  Phil. 3:18-20; I Peter 2:11


CROWN3:11 –for steadfastness- “hold fast”cf. I Cor. 9:24; Read I Cor. 3:13-15

An unfaithful servant may lose their crown but not their salvation.


COVENANT3:11,12 – Overcomers – Pillars I King 7:21on which were written records of the feats  and victories.


COMMAND 3:13 – To hear. “A command to believers to hear is never out of place, because it is a long spiritual exercise to be quick to hear.” - C.L. Feinberg  


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