Sunday, July 14, 2013
Sermon Notes

CHRIST’S MESSAGE TO LAODICEA         Revelation 3:14-22                FBC-PC 7-14-13 AM

 CITY: 3:14a Rights of the People – Laodicea is about 40 miles southeast of Philadelphia.  Built by the Seleucid monarch, Antiochus II (261-246 B.C.), it was named after his wife, Laodice.  It was a city of considerable size, trade, and wealth, specializing in the manufacture of wool.   It was the bone of contention in Asia Minor (Turkey) under the Romans and the Turks.  In later times it was a Christian city of importance and the residence of a bishop, as well as the meeting place of church councils.

Pride and self-satisfaction characterized the people and made their impress upon the church as well.  The city was destroyed by the Moslems in the Middle Ages, and the site of the once wealthy city is a mass of ruins.

CHURCH PERIOD REPRESENTED: Lukewarm Church, like the water they had to drink.  Laodicea means “rights of the people” – It describes the moral condition of the church at the close of the church age.  The people demanded their rights with the result that democracy turned into anarchy.

CHRIST IS SEEN AS: 3:14b Amen (so be it –end)- The one who establishes all God’s promises – Ultimate Authority, Faithful and true witness – Jesus never fails, Beginning of Creation – It indicates He is Head of the new creation (II Cor. 5:17).


CONDEMNATION: 3:15-17 Nothing good to say about them even though they thought they were perfect.  Evangelical but not evangelistic.  They had great social programs without the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.  Spew out has no reference to loss of salvation.  They were religious but lost.  II Tim. 3:5

COMMAND: 3:18 Poverty, nakedness and blindness - Buy the pure righteousness of Christ. Gold, White garment, eye salve. Isa. 55:1; Rom. 3:21-28

CALL TO REPENT and be Saved: 3:19-20 Motivated by His infinite love. He offers to come in and save us for eternity

PROMISE TO THE OVERCOMER: 3:21-22 Royal authority, power, and glory in the Kingdom. Christ will have His Throne (II Sam. 7:13; Lu. 1:31-33; Mt. 25:31) He is now on the Father’s Throne (Ps. 110:1; Heb. 1:3; 8:1; 10:12,13; 12:2) The overcomer  will reign with Christ on His blessed glorious throne.

The tireless blessed Holy Spirit still pleads with the individual heart.     



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