Sunday, December 8, 2013
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EMMANUEL – GOD WITH US          Isaiah 7:1-17          FBPC  12-8-13 AM


Intro: Let us examine Isa. 7:14 briefly in its historical context.  “Almah” (heb.) the most controversial word in the Old Testament Hebrew.  See note in Hebrew –Greek Key Study Bible pages 1622-24 and also footnote page 841.

The inspired, historical record of the Virgin Birth does not depend upon Isa. 7:14.  It is narrated in Matthew 1:23 (Septuagint (Greek) text of Isa.) and Luke 1:27 (parthenos gr. 3933) unmarried daughter-virgin.

She was betrothed (engaged) to Joseph (a direct descendant of David through his son Solomon) but their marriage had not yet been consummated.

She said she was pure i.e. a virgin, Luke 1:34 cf. Matt. 1:18. Matt. 1:23 is part of the message the Angel  gave to convince Joseph that Mary was still pure and faithful  though pregnant he should take her and marry her. 

Almah” = young woman of maturity for marriage.   Septuagint ( which was in use before Matthew wrote 1:23 but after Isaiah 7:14) translated it virgin.

Historical Background: About 734 B.C. Pekah-King of Israel made an alliance with Rezin king of Syria and marched against Ahaz king of Judah who last heart.  Isaiah the prophet came to encourage and promise safety (salvation) if Ahaz had faith. Isa. 7:3-9    

Sign” -virgin-marriage-conception-birth-child-whose?  Prophets wife? 8:3-4; kings wife, or concubine?  Isa. 7:15-25 Victory - promised during early childhood of this lad.  

 His name – EMMANUEL - God with us.

I.  GOD WITH US IN FLESH – Incarnation John 1:13-14

      A. Prediction – Isa. 7:14

      B.  Promise – Luke 1:26-37 (30-33)

      C.  Proof – Luke 2:6-7 & 11

 Faith receives Him as Savior, Lord, King and as the purposeful Planner II Cor. 12:9

III.  GOD WITH US IN THE FUTURE – Luke 1:32-33; II Sam. 7:13,16;            
Jer. 23:5,6; Isa. 65,66; Rom. 1:1-4 Gospel

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